Brian vs Hugin on the Issues

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MAGA Scorecard

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Empowerment, not Entitlement

Promoting the message of "Empowerment, not Entitlement" and a rebranding of the GOP as the party of "Growth Opportunity Prosperity", our focus is about helping the governed to succeed, not just helping the governed. As The Party of Optimists, we don't believe that people are destined for a life of failure. Rather, we believe that given a chance to succeed, people will succeed, and the programs and policies we promote are those that give people those opportunities for success. This positive message gives voters something to vote FOR, not just against another candidate or idea.

Corruption, i.e. Pay-to-Play

I believe in grassroots campaigns that internalize the concerns of everyday people, rather than "Pay-to-Play" campaigns that build resentment among voters. Prioritizing the wealth of candidates over their policy stances is a surefire way to lose in a general election.

More jobs, less taxes

I manage my family's small business in the decorative concrete industry. As such, I know firsthand how important a strong job market and thriving economy is to the health of our nation. As the recent tax cuts have shown, government can clearly affect the job market and economy through sound fiscal policy, and I am proud to state that I'm the only candidate to take the Taxpayer's Protection Pledge from Americans for Tax Reform.
President Trump has also announced a trillion dollar plus infrastructure program which will bring jobs across America. However, with New Jersey's congressional delegation as it stands, he has made it clear that NJ shouldn't look forward to the jobs associated with that program, already moving the trans Hudson tunnel to the bottom of the project list. If we want to participate in the program, we need to send him a delegation he can work with to promote and support his agenda.

National Defense

Supporting military, veterans, and law enforcement is one of my three core campaign issues. The United States cannot afford to lose its strength on the international stage, and we must fully fund efforts to protect democracy across the world. I specifically oppose Base Realignment and Closures, and I support brave first responders who put their lives on the line to keep us safe.

Defending the Constitution

I believe that, whenever possible, we should regard the original intentions of the Constitution to be sacred and immovable. I oppose judicial activism, which strips lawmaking autonomy from federal and state legislatures. I have been endorsed by the New Jersey Constitutional Republicans.

Supporting the Second Amendment

Although I am not a gun owner or enthusiast, I believe the right to keep and bear arms is fundamental to ensuring our freedom and liberty. I recently testified in opposition to several gun control bills at a NJ Assembly Judiciary Hearing, and will bring the same fight to Washington to ensure our second amendment rights are not infringed (to watch the testimony, click here). As I explained, I grew up in a home where guns were feared, but now I no longer fear guns - I fear guns in the hands of the wrong people. We need to support things like the Fix NICS legislation to enhance the mental health-related data related to background checks. As the world's shining example of liberty and freedom, we need to be careful not to set an example to any would-be tyrants or dictators that gun-grabs are acceptable. We need to take guns out of the hands of criminals, not turn law abiding citizens into criminals because of something they currently possess legally. I am a member of the NRA and support national gun licensing reciprocity.

Abortion Rights

I am unequivocally anti-abortion, and I have been endorsed by New Jersey Right to Life. I believe the federal government should defund Planned Parenthood until or unless it divests its abortion practices. A heartbeat ends a life, a heartbeat starts a life. As a practical, common-sense step forward, I co-founded the Associated Centers for Women's Health, where we do not provide abortion, nor counsel for abortion, but we do make Women's Health Priority One (so when a woman heeds our counsel and carries her baby to term, we can provide the pre-natal care, for example). For more info, check out

President Trump

The President has earned my support through both his actions and leadership since assuming office. A few of his accomplishments and policies of which I am especially impressed include: Nominating (and receiving confirmation of) conservative, constructionist judges; Tax reform; Repealing the "individual mandate" associated with Obamacare; Recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel; Cutting federal regulations and the size of the federal workforce; Sending DACA back to Congress to craft legislation instead of an Executive Order; and numerous others.


I believe Israel is entitled to its borders as currently defined, and I support President's Trump decision to move the U.S. consulate to Jerusalem. I also oppose the BDS movement. I serve on the Board of Advisors to the organization, Republican Friends of Israel.

Healthcare Reform

I have been an outspoken opponent of ObamaCare since it was first enacted, and I support the recent repeal of the individual mandate. Instead of forcing health insurance onto the American public, we should encourage private enterprises to bring down the cost of treatment through competition. Importantly, we need to focus our efforts on reforming the healthCARE industry more than the health insurance industry.

School Choice

I support parental rights to choose how to educate their children. Charter school movements in cities like Newark have vastly improved standardized test performance and graduation rates, and we should continue encouraging alternatives to traditional public schooling. For my support of school choice, I have been received the distinction of Certified Constitutional Candidate.

Governor Christie (and NJGOP's past/future)

While I supported many of Governor Christie's policies throughout his two terms, I was never closely involved with his administration. Instead, I focused my efforts on campaigns at all levels and made connections with local officials across the state of New Jersey, working to #GrowTheGOP by reaching out to underrepresented groups such as women, minorities and youth. I believe that moving the NJ Republican Party, and New Jersey in general, in a positive, new direction requires distancing the party from its unsuccessful, unpopular past.