Relatable. Engaging. Involved. Determined. Relentlessly. Positive.

New Jersey needs strong leadership in the U.S. Senate.
Brian Goldberg is the right choice for New Jersey.

More Jobs, Less Taxes

Brian will fight in the U.S. Senate for programs and policies that create more jobs and lower taxes, allowing you to earn more, and stay more in control of your own income and spending.

A Strong National Defense

Brian believes that the safety and security of American citizens is the highest priority of the federal government. As a Senator, Goldberg will oppose any BRAC efforts aimed at our NJ military installations.

Protect & Defend the Constitution

Brian Goldberg will work to protect the integrity of our founding documents, ensuring that our rights we never take for granted are never taken away.

From the desk of Brian D. Goldberg

New Jersey deserves a leader who is going to stand by them and promote an environment of growth. It's time for a leader to stand up against corruption and stand with his constituents. Someone who isn't tied to our unpopular past, and knows what it is like to face the struggles of ordinary New Jerseyans.

My message is simple: I'm here to be your voice. If I am given the privilege of serving as your U.S. Senator, you can feel confident that your problems will be my problems, and my voice will be your voice. You will have a leader who can relate to you, and who puts your needs and concerns above all.

I am asking for the opportunity to serve you, to work on the problems facing New Jersey residents and setting a national conversation on the issues that matter. Thank you for your support, and I look forward to meeting you on the campaign trail.


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