Lower Taxes

Brian Goldberg will fight in the U.S. Senate for lower taxes, allowing you to stay more in control of your own income and spending.

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Community Building

Brian Goldberg will work to establish community relationships all around New Jersey. Brian believes that a strong community is a strong New Jersey.

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Backing New Jersey's Businesses

As a small business owner, Brian understands that businesses are the backbone of any economy. Brian will back New Jersey's businesses and fight for them in the U.S. Senate.

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From the desk of Brian D. Goldberg

New Jersey deserves a leader who is going to stand by them and promote an environment of growth. It's time for a leader to stand up against corruption and stand with their constituents.

My message is simple: I'm here to be your voice. If I am given the privilege of serving as your U.S. Senator, you can feel confident that you will have an ear in the U.S. Senate. You will have a leader who puts your needs and concerns above all.

I am asking for the opportunity to serve you, to work on the problems facing New Jersey residents and setting a national conversation on the issues that matter. Thank you for your support and I look forward to meeting you on the campaign train.

Brian D. Goldberg


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